Pheromone and Libido Supplements

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Pheromone GuaranteeToday you can boost your romance. Men attract women and much more! Women attract men and much more! Studies have shown that pheromones and certain rare scents can enhance sex and romance. Whether you are a man or woman, you can use these pheromone and libido products to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. Simply wear them like a cologne or perfume or use our pheromone mix with your favorite fragrance.

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Besides enhancing romance, Pheromone scents may also be responsible for boosting careers.

Wearing pheromone based fragrances may subconsciously help people around you perceive you as someone who exudes tremendous confidence. The more confident you are or are perceived to be, the more successful you will be in both your career and your personal life. We had many customers mention that they they felt more confident while using our love potion, Beaches. We have had similar experiences mentioned with our other products.

Pheromone is a natural sexual attractant the body produces to subconsciously attract the opposite sex. This natural attractant can also contribute to intense love making during sexual foreplay and sexual intercourse. They may also contribute to the dating phrase, "chemical attraction" that couples experience. Pheromones enhance your love life. A great example pheromone product is Hi-Octane+2. You mix it with your favorite fragrance to help experience chemical attraction. Compared to wearing it versus not wearing it, more often than not you should experience more chemical attraction.

Pheromone is subconsciously detected by the (VNO) organ which is three inches inside the nose with nerve connections to the brain. In modern time's they are not as dominant because of personal hygiene and the masking of the scent caused by using deodorants. Although pheromone would probably become more dominant without personal hygiene, it would not be advisable since most people do follow a personal hygiene routine and would be attuned to bad hygiene.

Now it is possible to wear pheromone to enhance your love life. Get started today!