Pheromone Notes

The following analysis is based on our own observations and conversations with pheromone customers that we have collected over the past seven years.

Scientific Theory
Although much has been published about the affects of pheromones on the animal kingdom, scientists continue to debate the affect pheromones have on humans. The truth is pheromones are still a mystery to scientists and some are still minimizing the importance of human pheromones. However, history tells us science has been sometimes slow to recognize the truth and sometimes offers up its own preposterous explanations.

For example, until recently many scientists ignored the importance of vitamins and supplements to prevent certain diseases caused by nutritional deprivation. The British sailors discovered over two hundred years ago that lime fruit could help prevent Scurvy. We now know that vitamin C deprivation caused Scurvy. For years it was a mystery how bats could navigate without eyes. How birds migrate to the same destination thousands of miles year after year.

Pheromones are found in virtually all animals and may be responsible for the perpetuation of many species in the animal kingdom. One must wonder how animals of the same species can find each other when they are miles apart. Scientists say that scent plays a role. It would seem to make sense then that animals leave pheromone trails to help the species find each other. These pheromone markers are naturally exuded and may even be left on the animal's surroundings as their skin or fur brushes by objects. It is as if an electronic finder has been automatically turned on without the animal's knowledge.

Pheromones, The "Chemical Attraction"
How often have you heard the about a "chemical attraction" one person has for another? It now seems closer to the mark than anybody would have guessed. The dating cycle may be nothing more than men or women looking for a pleasing pheromone combination.

Pheromones may help bond a loving couple relationship. They may also help perpetuate their love for each other. It is now known that pheromone levels are elevated during lovemaking. The pheromones are primarily produced in the armpits and in the groin. However they may also emit from a person's breath.

Couples render an exchange of pheromones during lovemaking. We believe this exchange to be a chemical marker, much like the animal kingdom uses, to immortalize their experience together. That chemical imprint, placed in the couple's memory, may cause the couple to unconsciously seek out each other to repeat the sexual euphoria that they recently achieved.

The Effect
Our customers love our pheromone products. Our customers return to because they know they can get the results they're looking for. Based on the results reported, our pheromone products have been known to increase sexual activity, bring dormant sex lives back to life, or open the opportunity to form new relationships. Perhaps we should change our motto to "We jump-start love."

A 70 year-old man told us that he had sex infrequently with his wife. After trying our Beaches product, he was astonished with the results and attributed his awakened sex life to pheromone - powered Beaches. Every time he put on the pheromones, his wife would chase him around the house for sex! It was as if he was getting too much of a good thing.

Here is a sampling of excerpts from customer experiences that support our hypothesis:

"I'm in my early 50's and married. I bought your product hoping it would stimulate my wife a little. Well it did that and more."

"I put the little ones in bed and next thing my wife tells me to get ready for a nite of romance."

"I've only been using this for three weeks and I am hooked, my wife and I are almost newlyweds again."

"He called me 5 times that day, to tell me he couldn't stop thinking about me when he left."

Pheromone validity: Is it science, theory, or hoopla? Although the importance of pheromones continues to be open to debate, the most important fact is compelling - our customers know pheromones work. As word spreads of the wonders of pheromone sexual attraction, what once was a well kept secret is slowly becoming more mainstream. Through the ages, men and women have used various means such as clothing, hair styles, jewelry, and fragrances to attract the opposite sex. Some have even taken it to the extreme with plastic surgery and liposuction. Without question, using pheromones to attract the opposite sex has gained popularity. We at believe our pheromone products will get the results you desire.