Pheromones are entertaining

People wear pheromones to help get attention from the opposite gender. Sometimes, however, wearing pheromones can create unexpected reactions and even humorous situations. This author has personally worn a powerful high quality two-pheromone product with 17 special proprietary fragrances that helps promote sensual and romantic thoughts in the opposite sex. This special combination has proven to be a potent combination that has created many memorable experiences.

One experience that has been etched into my memory is my visit to a food court at a shopping mall. The experience reminds me of the adage, “be careful of what you wish for.” Before entering the mall, I applied the special pheromone mixture by applying the roll-on applicator on my forehead, bridge of my nose, and my chin. (I recently found out from an associate in Singapore that this method of application is the preferred method of shaman in his country.) Pheromones were somewhat new to me at that time and I wanted to conduct a little experiment. I was curious to find out if I would get a reaction from any women in my vicinity.

After I picked up my lunch I walked past an attractive woman who glanced at me and happened to be sitting next to the only available table I could find. I did not think anything of her as I sat down and immediately started to enjoy my lunch. While eating my lunch I felt an uneasy feeling as if someone was watching me. I looked around my surroundings only to discover that the attractive woman was looking intently at me with penetrating eyes. I found it interesting that even after I caught her staring at me, she did not break off eye contact. As a married man, the situation became uncomfortable for me and made it very hard to enjoy my lunch. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself when I thought of all the times when I was single how I wished I had such an opportunity. If I had been single and interested in meeting her, it would have been the perfect occasion at that moment to walk over to her and strike up a conversation. Consequently, I ate my lunch and left the area as quickly as I could to escape her obvious response to my pheromones.

A few years ago I attended a large trade show in Baltimore. Again, before entering the show I applied the special pheromone/scent to my skin. When I walked around I detected interest from some beautiful models that were running some of the exhibits. At one manufacturer’s booth a beautiful young woman kept on interrupting me while I was talking to a representative about their products. Although the girl was attractive, her interjections had no relevance to my questions and were almost annoying. It was obvious that she was responding to my pheromones and this could have been a romantic opportunity waiting to happen.

A more intense experience happened at the end of the show when I visited one of the last exhibits. I struck up a conversation with a beautiful young woman about the products she represented. I immediately asked her if she was a model so that I could rule out that she was not a temporary pretty face with limited product knowledge. I was surprised when she replied that she worked for the company. However, she did explain that other people had asked her to model in the past, but had declined to pursue her business career.

The more I talked to her the more I noticed a curious situation in progress. She seemed to be getting closer and closer to me and was starting to invade my space. Finally she was so close to me that our noses could almost touch each other. Normally I would have turned away from someone doing that to me, but in this situation I somehow managed eye contact.

After awhile the woman asked me what I did for a living. I replied that I marketed pheromones. To my surprise she candidly replied that she had not had thoughts like she was having since her college days. Again, the pheromones were doing their job and I believe she would have been even more aggressive with me under different circumstances.

Wearing pheromones can be entertaining. You never know when or how they may affect the opposite sex with positive results. Sometimes the reaction is subtle and the reaction can be noted by the person’s body language. And at other times the reaction can be obvious with somewhat more aggressive behavior such as moving in closer or flirting. Depending on your circumstances, pheromones can either create opportunities or humorous situations. Either way, they do the job.