Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manufacture your products?

Uneet Co. Inc. is a primary marketer of Truly Incredible Products, Inc., whose founder has been producing pheromone products for over twenty years.

Will your sexual attractants help me meet more people of the opposite sex?

Yes. However, it may not help you get the person you want. Recently, a women telephoned to discuss Beaches. (Beaches can be worn by both men or women). She complained that it would not help her get a man she was interested in. Upon questioning we found out that she had gotten dates from four different men while wearing Beaches. Beaches may not help you get the person you want, but it will help increase your attractiveness so that more of the opposite sex is attracted to you.

How will I know it its working?

Very often you will see reactions that experience will teach you to spot. Here are some examples: A woman will start tossing her hair back and forth. A person may be unusually friendly. They may become overly flirtatious with you.

Will this help me get a person into bed?

The sexual attractants shown on our site can not force a person to have sex with you. That choice can only be made by them. However wearing our sexual attractants will help enhance your sexual desirability with the opposite sex.

Will I have sex more often with my regular partner?

Of course. Your partners strong attraction for you will help increase the repetition of sex.

Are you selling real pheromones?

Truly Incredible Products, Inc. manufactures human pheromones. Many other companies are offering pheromones extracted from monkeys or pigs which are less effective.

Do you guarantee your product?

It is important to understand that more of the opposite sex will become more attracted to you. However, we cannot guarantee attracting a specific individual. We do know that the products on this web page are effective sexual attractants from our experience and from customer testimonials. It is important to understand that every individual is different. Some people get positive attention from the opposite sex within a few days and some people notice a difference after weeks or months of use. It is important that the person you are with like you for your mind and physical appearance. Our products can help as if we were introducing you to that person, but the rest is up to you.
Click here if you would like to learn about our guarantee.

How much pheromones are in your products?

Sorry, that information is proprietary information. We do know that these products have more pheromones than our competitors. MC Marble Co. Inc. painstaking research and development and experience have come up with the optimum quantity of pheromones that are needed to obtain maximum results.

Where can I find scientific references?

Please visit our reference page.

Are human pheromones an aphrodisiac?

No, they are sexual attractants only.