Our products may be used by any man or woman, because they give you the undetectable edge to help make the opposite sex desire you..

I'm in my early 50's and married. I bought your product hoping it would stimulate my wife a little. Well it did that and more. In the last week I've been invited to meet a 29 year old at her cottage, had a 31 year old woman tell me I looked delicious, and two other women together just flirting around with me. Well I've declined all offers except my wife, but it definitely is nice to feel attractive again.

Customer experience

Happy coupleCustomers report our products work! Many people have been surprised with the romantic results they achieved. Couples experienced more sexual encounters with their mate while wearing the products on this site. Some men have even complained that it was too much! Single men and women got more dates while wearing our unique products.

You may be losing out on loss opportunities by not having our special attractants. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our sexual attractants come with a money back guarantee or click here to get started.

How do our products work? Our products help make you more attractive to the opposite sex because they use pheromones and scent (with secret ingredients) to boost your romance.

Pheromones, undetectable and invisible, are powerful sexual attractants produced by the human body. They are subconsciously detected by the VNO organ inside the nose.

Many of our sexual attractants use scents with (secret ingredients) that have been isolated for their ability to to promote thoughts of sex and romance. Many experts agree that human thought can be influenced by certain smells. For example, have you ever experienced a memory flash back when you smelled a scent? Did you experience a certain mental feeling when that happened? Was it a great feeling? All fragrances, colognes or perfumes are sexual attractants. Some scents are slightly stronger sexual attractants than others. Our scents have been painstakingly isolated for their romantic power and packaged for your benefit.

Follow these instructions to get the best results:

Make sure that your sexual attractant is always available. Refresh or reapply if an opportunity is about to present itself. Best results will happen when you are patient and go about your normal business as you wear your AttractRomance.com sexual attractant. Don't become over anxious, because if you do, chances are the opposite sex will detect it. Another words, put on your "extra romantic power" and then forget that you are wearing it to get best results.

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Excerpts from customer experiences:

  • Recently I bought a bottle of Beaches Body Oil. I was a little skeptical at first, but after a little while it won me over. Wow! What a great product! It was definitely what I needed to jump-start my love life.
  • Beaches certainly made a difference. A ride home from the office with a young colleague of mine convinced me that something in my life had changed.
  • Before using Hi-Octane+2 I had to make the first move in any relationship. Now women of every type seek me out.
  • Hello folks,I just want you all to know that all this stuff really does work. I used Hi-Octane+2 and it worked better than any thing I've ever used.
  • Men were all over me like bees to honey. My friend did not know that I was wearing ITZ-too


The pheromone products on this web site have proven to attract the opposite sex. Recently, a doctor of Neuroscience confirmed the power of our products. Click here to read his findings.

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