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Hi-Octane+2 by Michael Vie™ - (Pheromone Additive)

Mix this pheromone additive into your favorite fragrance or scent to change it into a powerful sexual attractant.


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Today you can purchase pheromones, Hi-Octane+2, an additive that is mixed into your favorite fragrance or scent to change it into a powerful sexual attractant. Men and women have reported positive results with Hi-Octane+2.

Now you can have the power of two human pheromones, Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone.

Imitated but not duplicated. Hi-Octane+2's dynamic pheromone combination can help boost your romance. It contains the highest quality pheromones available today. More is not better. Hi-Octane+2 pheromones are by design powerful sexual attractants. They give power to secretly convince the opposite sex you are the object of desire. Beware of "more pheromones is better." Unfortunately products loaded up with poor quality pheromones become detectable as bad body odor. Rather than attract, they become the opposite and repel!

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We have many reasons why our two pheromone combination helps make the wearer become more attractive to the opposite sex:

Hi-Octane+2's by Michael Vie™ pheromones help make you more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Our own observations have shown that Hi-Octane+2 "pheromones" encourage companionship and sex. Our newsletter archive has incredible customer experiences which illustrate the romantic power of Hi-Octane+2.

The extra pheromone in Hi-Octane+2 subconsciously helps increase confidence of the wearer. How many times has it been said that behind every great man is a great woman or vice versa. We believe that this statement is true because the pheromone of the opposite sex has a reassuring and confidence building effect.

Confidence is a natural sex attractant for both men and women. Many people are impressed by a non-egotistical confidence. The opposite sex will rarely be attracted to you out of sympathy. Confidence is a free sexual attractant. It can be achieved with mental exercise and awareness and with the help of Hi-Octane+2.

letters100x22.jpganother customer success story...

Recently, I attended a party with several friends, and had mixed Hi-Octane+2 with my favorite cologne. At one point, while a photographer was taking pictures, a dear female friend - someone I have *no* romantic interest in, and who never indicated interest in me - wrapper her arm around my waist and made herself *very* comfortable. In addition, women have talked and openly flirted with me without me doing *anything*. In fact, an old high school girlfriend even asked me out when I visited her in Chicago! Now, I'm not what you'd consider handsome, but I tell you, Hi-Octane+2 really breaks down barriers.

Hi-Octane+2 plays on the jealously factor. The extra pheromone in Hi-Octane+2 powers up your romance by subconsciously creating a jealous need for your attention. This effect helps increase the opposite sex's desire for you.

Did you know that jealousy can be a powerful sexual attractant? Desire can intensify when there are many people of the opposite sex competing for the same person. A perfect example is the recent reality TV dating shows. Too many contestants vying for the attention of one person creates aggressive maneuvering. Jealousy can sometimes drive a person to exceed their normal behavioral patterns, and in some cases exhibit bizarre behavior.

Hi-Octane+2 is simple to use. This fabulous product comes in a 1/8 oz. bottle with a convenient funnel to make it easy to pour into cologne or perfume bottles. Mix 1/4 of the bottle with every 2 oz of your favorite fragrance: after shave, cologne, perfume, body oil, body lotion, body cream or moisturizer. One 1/8 oz. bottle is enough to mix with 4 to 8 oz of your favorite product.

Note: This concentrated product will only obtain maximum results when it is mixed in in your favorite fragrance with the recommended proportions. HI-OCTANE+2 MAY ONLY BE ADDED TO BOTTLES THAT HAVE A REMOVABLE CAP. We recommend Uneet Scentless whenever a bottle has a pressed on cap.

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