I-TZ TOO - (Contains Pheromones) View larger

I-TZ TOO - (Contains Pheromones)

Customers who buy pheromone formulated I-TZ Too get an exotic sexual attractant inspired by an alluring Egyptian scent known to encourage love and romance. Its power has been exponentially enhanced to attract the opposite sex!


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Have you I-TZ TOO?

Now you can "tease" the opposite sex and make them desire you with a little help from pheromone powered "I-TZ Too. Touch and embrace without physical contact. Make them want to hold you and please you.

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Customer Experience:

"Men were all over me like bees to honey. My friend did not know that I was wearing the oils. She wanted to know what was going on because no one approached her all night. I had so much fun. a man that I already knew would not leave me alone all night. Another guy stood behind me all night and finally asked me for my telephone number. I had to finally ask him to leave me alone so I could talk with my friend. He did call me and still does and always comments that I smell so good.

The whole night men approached me , it was amazing. I just ordered another set."

letters100x22.jpgAnother customer success story

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

The fireworks began immediately. One of my coworkers called for me from the back of the restaurant. I went back there to see what she wanted, and as soon as I got back there, she pinned me against a wall and started to kiss me fiercely, and started to undo my belt at the same time. As soon as this happened, a smirk spread across my face. I knew it was I-TZ. We almost went al the way, or rather, she did, she was the one doing all the work, I was just enjoying the view! I worked the drive through the entire night. She kept on smirking and smiling at me. And so did the women who came the drive-thru. I had 5 women tell me how sexy I smelled, and they all asked me for my number. It felt really good to have the attention. So I now wear this stuff went I got out. I notice women following me around in the grocery store, at the mall, at the bank, and so forth. When I come home, my answering machine is filled with messages from about 10-20 women asking me out every weekend. My friends want to know my secret. But unless they find I-TZ, I won't tell them. It's too good to reveal. I feel really bad that I'm the center of attention for once. But at the same time, it feels really, really good. I don't know who the brain, or brains of this operation is, but whoever you are...........Thank you."

The tease without effort. Create your own sensual ambience. Never underestimate the power of I-TZ Too to capture the interest of the opposite sex. Be carefull with what you wish for, you may get more than you can handle. I-TZ Too (I Tease Too) set has the exotic scent of Patchouli and Vanilla with the addition of pheromones to help you attract the opposite sex.

The set contains (1) roll on applicator bottle 1/3 .oz and (1) spray-on bottle 1 .oz

Easy to use: Lightly roll the applicator on your forehead, bridge of your nose, and chin. Afterwards, spray bottle should be applied once to the neck to boost I-TZ Too sexual attraction power.

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