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Peaches n Cream - (Contains Pheromone)

When you purchase pheromone powered Peaches n Cream, you get Michael Vie™'s latest powerful love potion. This pheromone product may be used by men or women to attract the opposite sex. This exotic scent uses a dynamite combination of food scents to create a powerful sexual attractant. Certain food scents have been known to create desire in the opposite sex.


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Michael Vie, the pioneer who introduced the world's most powerful sexual attractant, Beaches, has done it again.

This stuff works! Customer experiences:

"And now - I started using Peaches n Cream a week ago and "I like it" ! It is a real friendship initiator that can turn a group of friends into a Fan club."

"If this stuff is anything like the uneet that I received from you before, you ought to call it drive. This stuff has closed two accounts for me. So much as had the home owner tell me she would like 10 inches, ha. I leave their homes, they want me to come back and they don't even know why."

letters100x22.jpgAnother customer success story

"I was looking for perfume for my sister for a gift & found this for me. I can't wear regular perfumes, I get migraine headaches from them, and the ones that don't make me sick don't smell good once they react with my body chemistry. Apparently my chemistry is bad for that kind of scent -I took a chance with yours as it has a money-back guarantee, and have been very happy with them. I have used Beaches, I TZ Too, LiqMe, and Uneet1 (now Peaches n Cream) Peaches n Cream seems to get the biggest reaction - both men and women ALWAYS remark on how good I smell, one of the younger women in my motorcycle association follows me around until I let her borrow it because she wants to smell as good as I do."

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Peaches N Cream is easy to use. Simply roll the applicator lightly on your forehead, bridge of your nose and chin. It may also be applied to any place closest to the opposite sex's nose. Refresh whenever an opportunity is about to happen.

Peaches N Cream's natural sexual attraction has been made more powerful with the addition of the human pheromones, Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone. Pheromones are natural sex attractants the human body makes.

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