LIQ-ME - (Contains Human Pheromones) View larger

LIQ-ME - (Contains Human Pheromones)

Pheromones powered Liqme to create drop dead appeal! Feel like a romance magnet with this unique sexual scent combined with two human pheromones, Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone.


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Simply delicious! This alluring scent will help you attract the opposite sex and at the same time make you irresistible.

If you need that extra jump, try Liq-me:

Liq-me is easy to use. Simply spray on your neck once or twice every three or four hours.

letters100x22.jpg another customer success story...

I received a Liq-me when I had ordered Hi-Octane + 2. I have noticed when I wear it I have more women walk up to me and many times while talking to me they will reach out and hold my hand or stand even closer while talking. I have also noticed that many women's nipples get hard while they are talking to me. Has been very enjoyable to me many times. Thanks.

I have had some great times with the product, I notice a major change in all the women when I wear it. If I get a hug from them, there is a instant reaction, I have tried it on a lot of different women, all seem to react the same way. Not saying they throw me down or anything, but it is a great start in the right direction, thanks for a great product. They seem to remember my scent and long to smell it again. I also like the way it smells so it is good for me too. That helps build my self esteem level and that is a boost also. Thanks again, looking forward to try all your products in the future. Wow. A guy needs all the help he can get, a push to get things going is great. Thanks again.

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