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Amour Devil - (Contains Human Pheromones)

Amour Devil is a powerful love potion with pheromones. Available in 1 oz or 2 oz spray bottles.


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Looking to create extreme romance or sexual desire with the opposite sex?

The answer - human pheromones powered Amour Devil, if you want to elevate your relationship to a new sexual high. Your sexual ecstasy may become so elevated that you will mistakenly think you traded your soul.

Men have reported that women have gone out of their way to please them. Do you want presidential treatment? This sexual attractant has been known to encourage unusual amorous reactions.

Are you ready to trade your soul with the Devil for sexual happiness or better yet simply obtain your own Amour Devil? A much better trade.

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Amour Devil is the inspiration of Michael Vie, chemist and perfumer for MC Marble Co. He carefully studied his best selling product, Beaches, to find out what made it an effective sexual attractant.

Now he has designed a new scent that actually promotes thoughts of love, romance and sex. Please do not continue to read this if you don't believe smell is an important part of human sexuality.

Because smell is important:

1862042411_01_MZZZZZZZ.gifDr Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and psychiatrist who heads the Smell and Taste Foundation in Chicago, proved during clinical trials that the natural way to spice up a lackluster sex life is to use aromas. More information may be found by reading, "Scentsational Sex : The Secret to Using Aroma for Arousal."

letters100x22.jpg another customer success story...

My experience was kinda weird. But I did notice a change some of the female coworkers I deal with daily. I bought the Amour Devil in July hoping that it bring some attention from this one woman I admire. I asked her did she like my new cologne, just to see what would happen. She said,that smells ok. I was kinda disappointed but, I still wore it. The Next couple of days when went for a break. She nearly sat in my lap. The next few days we went to lunch and she paid for it. The next thing I noticed was my boss a "Little Tyrant"(to put it nicely) was being real nice to me and being a real B***h to my coworker that I've bee taking breaks with. I haven't had a chance to reorder any of your products but, when I wore it, there were changes that got me a little closer to the woman I was hoping to get close to.

I also own a bottle of Amour Devil and have used it to ignite the passion with this guy I was dating. I sprayed it on before I left my house and when I got to his, he was definitely more affectionate and I felt kind of sinful, devilish grin on my face when I noticed he kept on leaning over and sniffing my hair. I don't think he realized he was doing that but I certainly did and I knew it was the Amour Devil he was smelling. Needless to say, we had a wild night...he just got closer and closer to me, so close I could sense his body heat and desire!

Michael Vie has discovered and implemented modulation of scents to create a sexual response in the opposite sex. Recent studies have shown that smell is an important part of sexuality. Scientists have discovered that certain smells can cause a substantial blood flow increase to the genital area for both men and women. Beaches has always had that quality. Now, MC Marbles "Amour Devil" has been designed to stimulate the olfactory sensors.

We recommend spraying Amour Devil on the neck. However, some people draw attention to other parts of their body by spraying Amour Devil to the appropriate areas. This effort has been known to generate what young people "orally" declare as "not sex."

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