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Strawberry Air Freshener - (Contains Human Pheromones)

Create a romantic atmosphere for men and women who want to ramp up their sexual intimacy.


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Now for the first time, buy a pheromone dynamite combination with a fragrance known to promote thoughts of love. Strawberry Air Freshener with male and female human pheromone(s), Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone. These pheromones have been successfully used in the powerful products Hi-Octane+2 and Beaches by Michael Vie™ for years. Both products have been sought out from people from all over the world.

Creates a romantic atmosphere for men and women who want the opposite sex to be drawn to them.

Strawberry is a natural sex attractant. There is a strong correlation between men and women who love sex and love to eat strawberries. The smell of strawberry tantalizes and stimulates their erotic needs!

Now enjoy a romantic evening with that someone special. Put sex and romance on their mind. Add that special touch to your auto, home or office. A different but effective fragrance. An Uneet experience.

letters100x22.jpg another customer success story...

Just wanted to email and say the Strawberry spray and the pheromone incense work great. My wife is a workaholic and just had an 8 lb baby boy in July. This is our third little one, the other two are ages 2 & 4. Anyways, with work and 3 small kids romance is the last thing on anyones mind around here. So I tried out the spray 'cause our kids leave behind weird smells and I've tried one stick of incense. Well needless to say after a long day of military work my wife comes home and ask what's that smell. I said I sprayed around the house and used incense because the babies were dirty. She tells me to get them in bed soon cause they look tired. I figured she had a long day and did not want to hear crying kids. I put the little ones in bed and next thing my wife tells me to get ready for a nite of romance. I asked after your rough day what brought this on? She said she was tired but the interesting smells in the house were making her h***y. I'm not one to complain so I agreed with. Needless to say I was a VERY happy man that nite and morning! Works DO worK!

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