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Beaches by Michael Vie™ - (Contains Human Pheromones)


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Buy pheromone powered Beaches by Michael Vie™. This love potion, gives the wearer a secret power to attract the opposite sex. It's power has been amplified with powerful pheromones. You cannot fully appreciate the power of Beaches Body Oil until you have experience its power by wearing it. Without a doubt this is our most powerful unisex love potion. Customers have reported that is the most powerful sexual attractant they have ever tried. It works because, Beaches by Michael Vie™, encourages thoughts of love, romance and sex.Our own experience and customer experiences prove Beaches works!

Many customers have been overwhelmed with the sexual attention they received from the opposite sex. The promotion of sexual thoughts belongs to the wearer of Beaches by Michael Vie™.Order Today!

Beaches is easy to use. Simply roll the Beaches applicator lightly on your forehead, bridge of your nose and chin. It may also be applied to any place closest to the opposite sex's nose. Refresh whenever an opportunnity is about to happen.Beaches by Michael Vie™ was discovered on a South Seas Island. It is a secret love potion that has been made for hundreds of years by Shaman, native witch doctors. (Shaman, are now sought out by botanists from major companies for their knowledge.) Many important modern science discoveries have been made with their help.Beaches is a dynamic fragrance made with 17 fragrances or exotic oils that smells like a tropical beach. Beaches essential oils are aged over time to achieve its synergetic power. It's scent can change with the temperature of your body, body chemistry and mood changes. It has a modulating frequency that appeals to the human need for sex.Modern science has actually made Beaches more powerful and dynamic with the addition of the human pheromones, Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone. Pheromones are natural sex attractants the human body makes.Scent or pheromones. One or the other or both will help you attract the opposite sex. Make sure you always have Beaches close to you. Don't ever be without it!

letters100x22.jpg another customer success story...

"I am an average-looking guy who always doesn't have much luck with relationships until I used Beaches. I actually ordered the Beaches Body Oil for the fun of it, thinking that if it doesn't work, I'll just treat it as another perfume. But I felt that something was different the first time I wore it. It was a dinner with a few colleagues and someone brought along a female friend whom I have not met before. And guess what? She was trying to make conversation with me throughout the night and has been stealing glances at me! That was something that had never happened to me before! She asked for my contact number and I gave it to her, thinking that she'll never call anyway."

"I received a call from her two days later and we decided to meet for dinner that night. After the miracle it did two days ago, I rubbed on some Beaches again, this time a little more, before I leave for my date. We had such a wonderful time together and she told me that she could not stop thinking about me. She said that she doesn't know why I hold such a strong attraction to her. I smiled in my mind, thinking that I had purchased the most value-for-money product in my entire life. The evening ended up in her bed. We are now in a serious relationship."

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